MONOVA: Accessing and engaging a younger demographic

Accessing and engaging a younger demographic who are visiting the rebranded North Vancouver Civic Museum, MONOVA, at the Lonsdale Quay.

We developed three deliverables for MONOVA: a Social Media Strategies Report, to show how to successfully target young people. Then, we created a youth engagement initiative called Young Voices for local youth to benefit and connect with opportunities at the Museum. And lastly, we developed an Immersive Sensory Experience which is an interactive attraction for youth that fits with COVID restrictions.

The Team

  • Students: Abigail Sorensen, Melissa Phillips, Rachel Grills, Laura Choo, Daniela Kuri, Jordan Oslic 
  • Instructor: Kara Walker
  • Partners: Stephen Irving, with support from Carol Ballard and Pamela Robertson (MONOVA: Museum of North Vancouver)
  • Course code: TOUR 435