Container Parklet – Impact on Community

Researching the impacts of a new container parklet on North Vancouver residents.

The aim of this research was to gain insight into how the container parklet is perceived by community members. The study focused on determining how users are interacting and engaging with the parklet, including the length of time typically spent and what services were used. Another goal of this study was to find out how locals are responding to this initiative during the Covid-19 pandemic and whether visitors were taking recommended safety precautions like wearing masks, sanitizing hands, and social distancing. This research study was conducted in hopes that the results could be of assistance to City Studio and the City of North Vancouver in determining whether container parklets are effective community building tools and if it should be used long term.

The Team

  • Students: Chaeyoung Hong, Fardin Sididky, Marian Chung, Stef Carlson, Xiaotong Zhao
  • Instructor: Francisco Nogueira
  • Partner: Leah Herman (City of North Vancouver)
  • Course code: TOUR 327