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Working with students on a project through CityStudio can provide valuable outside-the-box thinking and experimentation to help move important issues forward. Our team will provide support throughout the process to ensure the best results for you and the students.

I found it very manageable this term. The CityStudio staff and faculty partner were helpful in managing communications with the students and very respectful of our time.

Anonymous municipal partner, December 2020

Faculty Members

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City Staff & Partners

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For a project to be successful, we’ve learned that:

  • Most collaborations take place in the Fall (September to December) and Spring (January to April)
  • Staff need to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours during the term (complex collaborations may require more time)
  • This includes a pre-term scoping meeting, 3 in-class visits and HUBBUB, our end-of-term showcase.

Thank you for all your hard work connecting instructors and community partners, and for your guidance and dedication. It was such a rewarding experience for me and my AHIS330 students. I highly recommend instructors get involved. Project-based learning is so fantastic. Can’t wait until we can do face-to-face projects again.

Sandra Seekins, Art History Coordinator and Instructor, April 2020

Hear from our participants

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My school work felt useful, like it was something that could make a change/have a purpose.

Laura Choo, Tourism Management student, December 2020