CityStudio Volunteer Superhero: Yen Yuen

What is it like to be a CityStudio volunteer? How has it evolved over the course of the pandemic? Yen Yuen, our longest-standing volunteer and outstanding HUBBUB champion, shares a bit about her role behind the scenes of HUBBUBs 1 through 4.

Those of us who have attended or been part of the end of term HUBBUB Project Showcase know what an important connecting and energizing role it plays for the initiative. The success of the first four events would not have been possible without the support and energy of movers and shakers in the CapU and North Vancouver community.

As our second year of CityStudio comes to a close, we would like to introduce you to our longest standing volunteer and behind the scenes superhero: Yen Yuen! Yen’s enthusiasm, positivity and dedication to the event has been invaluable as we organized our first ever HUBBUB, navigated turbulent times, and adapted to a remote learning environment. A heartfelt thank you, Yen, for your outstanding contributions and adaptability. Learn more about Yen’s experience below!

Yen Yuen, CityStudio Champion and Volunteer at HUBBUB 1, 2. 3 and 4!

Volunteers at HUBBUB #1, December 2019

I first heard about HUBBUB while I was a student at Capilano University. I was intrigued by the idea of my fellow students being able to have an impact on civic issues in my area. After looking into HUBBUB and CityStudio, I decided to volunteer to help and that was my first step.

At my first HUBBUB event, things were pretty straightforward. I assisted with the voting process, helping to explain the system to others and collect the votes. It was a great experience as I met some wonderful people and got to see all the student pitch their ideas.

For the next HUBBUB event, my role changed significantly as we all went virtual. In a very short space of time, we had to master the virtual platforms, and I found myself moderating the chat function throughout different events and providing technical support where I could.

Over the next few events, I saw my role develop as we further came to grasps with the virtual environment. I was helping to moderate the chat groups as well as updating Instagram and documenting everything for prosperity. It was very inspiring to see how the presenters and CityStudio came together to ensure the continual success of the event with the new virtual restrictions. It was a challenging time, but everyone seemed to pull off what had initially seemed to be impossible.

HUBBUB #4, April 2021

I am still constantly impressed with the adaptability and determination of the presenters. HUBBUB is an amazing event where students and faculty get to pitch their ideas to representatives who can truly impact the city we live in.

Want to learn more? Check out the HUBBUB 4 Launch video and pitches by visiting our IGTV or Kaltura channel. Interested in getting involved as a volunteer? Email us at See you at HUBBUB 5 in December 2021!