Questions About the Initiative

Which organizations are involved in CityStudio North Vancouver?
The initiative is a joint partnership between Capilano University and the City of North Vancouver. We also engage with several key community organizations: North Vancouver City Library, North Vancouver Museum & Archives, North Vancouver RCMP, Vancouver Coastal Health, and the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission.

Does a CityStudio experience have to be integrated into a course?
Yes. CityStudio is considered curricular work integrated learning, and falls under the category of “applied research” or “community service learning” depending on the nature of the collaboration. If you are unsure if you are eligible to incorporate CityStudio – contact us! Even if we aren’t quite the right match, we would happily recommend some other options or resources.

Is CityStudio the same as Studio in the City?
No! While both initiatives aim to involve youth in creative projects around North Vancouver, Studio in the City is run by the City of North Vancouver and engages teenagers in creating art with artists mentors. Find out more.

Questions About Developing Projects

If ideas are chosen by the City to pursue, will credit be given?
If the City (or any other partner organization) pursues or builds on one or several of your ideas, we will do everything we can to tell the story of how the idea came about and the students who contributed to it. If there are future opportunities to get involved, CityStudio will act as a link to keep you updated. That’s why it’s helpful for everyone to sign up for the Alumni Network!

Is it better to have develop one big solution or a bunch of little ones?
When trying to create transformative change, it can be helpful to think about both. What is the larger picture goal you are trying to achieve? How might smaller interventions (prototypes) help test this idea and start connecting people on a smaller scale? Even when programs/initiatives are small they are done with intention and connect to a wider program that may connect to the strategic direction that connects to priorities that the City has identified. 

Can we suggest partnerships with other organizations as part of our project?
The word partnership isn’t one we use as much as we use the word Collaborate.  Organizations can definitely collaborate and support each other’s programming, while partnerships often involve specific processes and even legal considerations. Looking for ways to intersect, support and collaborate is the way to go.