Elnaz Khanverdi + NOVA

Hubbub #1 / December 2019. Photo by Rob Newell.

Elnaz is one of our first CityStudio North Vancouver alumni. During the first term of the initiative, she simultaneously took part in two CityStudio projects! We caught up to hear about her experience…

What are you studying, and what are your career aspirations?

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management and Marketing. I am currently looking towards a Business Consultant/Creative Director role. 

Tell us a bit about your CityStudio project – what was the question/problem and what concept did your group develop?

The question/problem my group was trying to solve was revolving around how to foster creativity in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces. My group and I came up with “The NOVA Program.” We took inspiration from Google’s previously used 20% time model as well as many other companies that utilize a similar framework. The gist of it is that employees would be given time to work and put focus on projects that they are passionate about. Implementing such a program would improve the sense of empowerment, collaboration, employee retention, and work culture. We felt that this would be such an awesome program to integrate into any workplace. It would really allow employees to showcase their strengths. As well, you never know if an employee has an idea for the next great product/tech. 

What was the best part of your CityStudio experience?

The best part for me was going to Hubbub and hearing all the other ideas that came from the other projects. It was so awesome to see what other ideas were out there and there were some initiatives that I thought would be wonderful to implement. 

Tell us a bit about Hubbub: how did it feel to be one of the showcase groups?

It was really exciting. When my group and I found out we were going to be going to Hubbub we were so excited and also incredibly honoured. We couldn’t believe our pitch was chosen. It was so wonderful to share our idea with everyone that was attending the event. 

What was the most memorable part?    

I would say the entire Hubbub event experience was the most memorable part. I will always look back on that day and smile. I am so proud of my team and all the other teams that were invited to participate. As well, seeing our poster printed out was such an awesome feeling. 

Field trip to Bean on 5th, 2019. Photo: Capilano University.

Elnaz’s CityStudio experience was the result of a collaboration between Karen Pighin, Community Arts and Culture Animator for the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission, and Laurie Prange Martin, instructor in the School of Business at Capilano University. Learn more about the collaboration here. Join us for the second ever CityStudio North Vancouver Hubbub on April 16 2020!