Economic Health Cluster

On February 28th, students from Laurie Prange Martin’s Managing Change class had a chance to explore a core part of the city in support of their project research. They heard from Justin Hall, Manager of Public Realm Infrastructure, about the city’s efforts to collaborate with key health and safety stakeholders to support a more vibrant “Economic Health Cluster” that meets the needs of employees and visitors to the area.

Then, they were joined by Corporal Potts and Superintendent Bhayani from the North Vancouver RCMP detachment, who shared their desire to serve the community and emphasized the role of public space around their building to create a greater sense of safety.

To wrap things up, they walked over to Lions Gate Hospital and heard from Sean Parr, Director of Emergency & Trauma, and Ambulatory & Maternity/Pediatrics, about the demographics served by this hospital and opportunities he and his coworkers see for public space to support community wellbeing.

It was an eye-opening experience to realize the diverse stakeholders who are invested in this “cluster” and an exciting opportunity to prompt guest speakers on their vision for the area.

The students are imagining placemaking initiatives to support the existing and future growth and diversification of an economic health cluster in the centre of North Vancouver. They are focusing on two location in particular: the alley behind the RCMP building and the retaining wall in front of Lionsgate hospital. For more information about the project, visit this page.