Mikaela Johnson + Just Click. It’s Quick!

Mikaela is one of our first CityStudio North Vancouver alumni. She was part of the team that created Just Click. It’s Quick! and won second place at HUBBUB #2. She shared some of her insight following the end of this unusual term.

What are you studying, and what are your career aspirations? 

I have a background in Fine Arts and studied it for two years before landing in the program I’m in now. I’ve always enjoyed art and love when I get a chance to produce something that is both creative and useful to the world.  I’m studying graphic design and specializing in branding this coming year. I’m hoping that once I graduate, I can work at a design agency because I work well in collaboration with others. 

Tell us a bit about your CityStudio project – what was the question / problem and what concept did your group develop? 

We worked with the RCMP to help reduce auto-theft. We found that most auto-theft occurred due to carelessness, for example leaving your car unlocked when unloading groceries or in your own neighborhood. We wanted to emphasize how quick auto-theft can happen and how easy it is to prevent it. So, we came up with a multi-media campaign called “Just Click. It’s Quick!” which reminded people to lock their cars every time they leave. [Watch the video here]

Rendering of Just Click. It’s Quick poster.

What was the best part of your CityStudio experience? 

Most projects are hypothetical in our program and try to simulate what it’s like to work for a company or client. It was great that this project allowed us to experience it for real. I felt proud that our group was one of the showcase groups. Despite the event being online, it still felt important and a good learning experience.  

What was the most challenging part? 

Our group was pretty big, so at times collaboration was difficult. But I think in the end we all played a valuable part in bringing the project together. I think the only thing I found difficult was that the poster was a bit restricting. Especially since our project was multi-media, it would’ve been a lot easier to showcase our collateral with a slideshow rather than a poster. 

What would your advice be to any student interested in pursuing a CityStudio project? 

Collaboration and communication is key! A quick phone call can do wonders to solving a problem. This project makes a great portfolio piece for everyone in our group. It will definitely help us in advancing our career! 

Mikaela’s CityStudio experience was the result of a collaboration between Gursimran Gill, Coordinator–Block Watch, Community Police Services Section of the North Vancouver RCMP, and Thomas Duguid, instructor in the IDEA School of Design at Capilano University. Learn more about her group’s project here.