Just Click. It’s Quick.

Juxtaposing the amount of time it takes for auto-theft to occur with how easy it is to prevent it.

A campaign aiming to educate the public that the best way to prevent auto theft is to simply leave your car locked at all times. Contrary to popular belief, auto-theft only takes several seconds to happen and this time becomes even less when cars are left unlocked. So, we wanted to show just how fast it takes to prevent auto-theft by locking your cars in comparison to actions we do on a daily basis.

We wanted to remind people how easy it is to lock their cars before leaving by using the message: Just click. It’s quick. To ensure that our message reaches our audience, we have communicated our message across multiple platforms. For example, a video we created would be posted on the RCMP’s social media under #justclickitsquick.

We would also display posters and environmental graphics in public parking spaces, distribute stickers and radio ads to communicate the message. By distributing our design through social media, block watch communities and public displays, we hope to remind people to keep their cars locked. We believe this would decrease the amount of auto-theft in the North Vancouver area.


The Team

Marina Subach
Mikaela Manuel
Geraldine Yaris
Alex Chen
Joyce Chan
Rocio Palomar Robisco
Thea Pham
Emma Harris

MM: Most projects are hypothetical in our program and try to simulate what it’s like to work for a company or client. It was great that this project allowed us to experience it for real. I felt proud that our group was one of the showcase groups. Despite the event being online, it still felt important and a good learning experience.