Aliz Revoczi + QR Codes for Public Art

Aliz Revoczi was part of the team that created proposed the QR Codes for Pubic Art project in Spring 2020. Her group won Third Place at HUBBUB #2

Tell us a bit about yourself: what is your background?

I’m a second generation Canadian who grew up in East Vancouver. I had originally planned to go into graphic design before going into my current degree. I study Communications at Capilano University, and I hope to find a career in marketing upon my graduation. I’m hoping to build my portfolio of skills in content marketing.

Tell us about your CityStudio project – what was the question / problem and what concept did your group develop?

We had the challenge of finding a way to create more engagement for trauma related public art [with a focus on the Strength & Remembrance Pole]. We decided that QR Codes were a cost effective and engaging way to draw public attention to these works.

Field trip to visit the Strength & Remembrance Pole.

How did the CityStudio experience differ from other university group projects you have done?

It was more application based than other school projects and helped apply our topic to real world situations. The most challenging part was organizing everyone’s schedule to work around virtual meetings. I did not present [at HUBBUB] but it felt good to have our work recognized by local government and other community members. [To enrich future CityStudio experiences,] it might be interesting to have a showcase of previous work to see what kind of innovation is valued by the hubbub team.

What would your advice be to any student interested in pursuing a CityStudio project?

Stay in contact with your project source, they have good resources and insights for you! CityStudio has added to my co-curricular record and shown me the importance of contributing to your community.

Aliz’s CityStudio experience was the result of a collaboration between Lori Philipps, Public Health Officer at the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission, and Sandra Seekins, Art History Coordinator and Instructor at Capilano University. Learn more about her group’s project here.