Cultural Exchange Kitchen

A food event where people can taste different food from various cultures and learn gardening skills at the same time.

To be a successful community garden, gardens must be more than of a space for growing food. It has to be an essential part of the local community, offering opportunities for people to engage with each other and facilitating neighborhood resiliency through knowledge and resource sharing. North Shore has more and more new people arriving from more than 25 countries with many languages, culture, and preparation for economic integration, therefore; it is difficult for community garden coordinators to reach out and attract more people coming from different backgrounds due to small budget. Certain demographics like young immigrants, international students, and foreign workers may face barriers knowing about community garden, or projects that their local community is running due to different barriers. With that being said, I focus mainly on developing a project that serves three primary criteria: raising awareness about community garden, sharing knowledge in gardening, and attracting newcomers in the local community.

The Team

  • Student: Anh Vu Ngoc Van
  • Instructor: Cheryl Schreader
  • Partners: Bo Ocampo, Caroline Jackson and Larisa Lensink (City of North Vancouver)
  • Course code: GEOG 316