The Lady – ArtSound


“The Lady [public art piece in North Vancouver] is a life sized, artistic impression of a camel […] and is a monument to a time when camels once ran feral in BC.”

The Lady is an audio companion piece for Myfanwy MacLeod’s statue of the same name. The soundscape depicts the strange but true journey of 38 camels from Mediterranean all the way to British Columbia. We tried to build up ambience in a way that would reflect the camels’ perspective as they endured this incredible voyage. Our group traveled to various locations around North Vancouver to collect sounds of different environments.

For more information about The Lady, visit the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission website.

The Team

  • Student: Dawson R Heistad, Spencer Zimmerman, Braiden Van Grootel
  • Instructor: Brian Ganter
  • Partners: Lori Philipps (Public Art, North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission)
  • Course code: ENG 338