ENGL 338: Public ArtSounds

The Long Ascent, Photo from North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission

How might we use sound to tell the story of public art?

Term: Spring 2021
Department: English
Course: ENGL 338 (Literature & Media)
Instructor: Brian Ganter
Staff contact: Lori Phillips (North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission)

Students will select an existing public art piece in the City of North Vancouver and develop short sound-based creative responses or commentary (“soundbites”) that help to tell the story about the work. Students may engage with artists and other stakeholders to inform and create their soundbites with the support from Lori for introductions. The deliverables may be used by the Public Art Program via a website and/or QR code platform following the conclusion of the term. 

City Strategy and Goal Area:

  • Council Strategic Plan
    • A Vibrant City is where dynamic public spaces and places provide opportunities for connection and enable residents to engage with their community and celebrate their culture and history. 
  • Official Community Plan: 
    • Goal 6.1: Support a wide range of arts and cultural activities. 
      • 6.1.4 Incorporate public art that relates to the City’s natural, social and built environment into both public and private sector development and projects through the City’s Public Art Program