TOUR 435: Young adults and Monova

Rendering of new Monova location

How might we engage young adults in the new Monova (Museum of North Vancouver) location?

Term: Spring 2021
Department: Tourism Management
Course: TOUR 435 (Project Management)
Instructor: Kara Walker
Staff contacts: Stephen Irving (Monova)

One team of students will develop a project to engage young adults in the new location of Monova in the Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood.

City Strategy and Goal Area:

  • Official Community Plan (2014)
    • Goal 6.1: Support a wide range of arts and cultural activities.
      • 6.1.2 Support the production and delivery of a wide range of arts and cultural activities, community celebrations, signature events and festivals that engage and are enjoyed by residents and visitors;
  • Council Strategic Plan (2018)
    • A Vibrant City is where dynamic public spaces and places provide opportunities for connection and enable residents to engage with their community and celebrate their culture and history.
      • Spearhead playful and fun events that find ways to celebrate our unique location and community.