Alcohol in Public Spaces Research

On June 1, 2020, the North Vancouver Mayor and Council passed a bylaw allowing alcohol consumption at specific public locations in the City of North Vancouver. This progressive measure was in effort to ease both the economic difficulties faced by food and beverage businesses, as well as provide a safe outdoor social setting for local residents. This pilot program ran from June 22 to October 15, 2020 (City of North Vancouver, 2020). The program was reassessed and was renewed mid December. As student researchers, we assessed the impact of this pilot program on local businesses with the goal of reporting back to CityStudio and CNV.

The Team

  • Students: Laura Choo, Iggy Lao, Jon Coulthard
  • Instructor: Francisco Nogueira
  • Partner: Paul Duffy (City of North Vancouver)
  • Course code: TOUR 440

Iggy Lao: Working with CityStudio was a very different but also an amazing experience because we were able to work with city officials in order to better the community. 
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