PADM 309: Public Engagement

How might we engage diverse communities in the renewal of Waterfront Park?

Term: Spring 2020
Department: School of Public Administration
Course: PADM 309 (Municipal Administration and Community Involvement in BC)
Instructors: Alison McNeil, John Leeburn
Staff contact: Adam Vasilevich (City of North Vancouver)

The City of North Vancouver is planning a major renewal of their Waterfront Park. They would like to know how the municipality can engage diverse sections of the population on this project. Students developed a public engagement strategy for the Waterfront Park renewal project, focusing on the following demographics:
(1) youth (13-18 years old)
(2) non-English as a first language speakers, particularly those who may be new to Canada and/or community
(3) children (12 and under)
(4) City of North Vancouver population beyond the direct vicinity of the park (e.g. Central Lonsdale)

City Strategy and Goal Area:

  • Council Strategic Plan 2018
    • A City for People is welcoming, inclusive, safe, accessible and supports the health and well-being of all.
    • A Liveable City leads the way in climate action and acts as a steward of the environment for future generations.
  • Official Community Plan 2014
    • Goal 5.3: Provide a variety of public spaces for community engagement and stewardship.
      • 5.3.5 Create public spaces and streets that are pedestrian-friendly, fun, attractive, safe and inclusive for all.