BADM 466: The Thingery

How might we prepare residents to welcome and use a new equipment lending library (the Thingery)?

Term: Spring 2020
Department: Business School
Course: Managing Change (BADM 466)
Instructor: Erin Robinson
Staff contact: Julia Spitale (City of North Vancouver)
Community Partner: Chris Diplock (The Thingery)

A “Thingery” is a self-serve equipment lending library that is based out of a modified shipping container.  The inventory is determined by community need, but could include items like sporting equipment, wood working tools, event & entertainment items or even musical instruments. The City of North Vancouver is researching the hypothetical installation of a “Thingery” in the Lower Lonsdale of North Vancouver.  The students will research and propose a “Change Strategy” that will prepare the community to adapt to a new physical item – a modified shipping container – in the neighbourhood (a structural change) and to be emotionally ready to use the concept – an equipment lending library (transitional change).

City Strategy and Goal Area:

  • Council Strategic Plan 2018
    • A Prosperous City supports a diverse economy by creating an environment where new and existing businesses can grow and thrive.
  • Official Community Plan 2014
    • Goal 5.2: Support, enhance and maintain recreation as a vital aspect of a healthy community
      • 5.2.6 Promote family well-being through a range of recreation services that are accessible, affordable, and innovative and that build on family capacity and community networks;”