BADM 460: Young Adult Programming

Photo by Rogério Martins from Pexels

How might we create programming for the John Braithwaite Community Centre that appeals to young adults and contributes to their wellbeing?

Term: Spring 2020
Department: Business School
Course: BADM 460 (Business and Society)
Instructor: Laurie Prange Martin
Staff contact: Karen Pighin (North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission)

Students developed stakeholder engagement plans to support community centre programmers in engaging with youth and developing programming that supports their needs.

City Strategy and Goal Area:

  • Council Strategic Plan 2018
    • A City for People is welcoming, inclusive, safe, accessible and supports the health and well-being of all.
    • A Vibrant City is where dynamic public spaces and places provide opportunities for connection and enable residents to engage with their community and celebrate their culture and history.
  • Official Community Plan 2014
    • Goal 3.1: Enhance well-being and quality of life for all community members.
      • 3.1.1 Promote an inclusive environment, reduce barriers and support the growth and development of young people to be active, self-reliant and empowered members of the community.