Image: RAND Corporation, “Road to Resilience
Building Stronger, More Sustainable Communities”

Opportunity Question:

How can we best support the North Shore Emergency Management and its partners build a roadmap for “climate change, resilience and sustainability” on the North Shore?

Term: FALL 2022
Department: Geography
Course: GEOG 316 – Climate Change
Instructor: Hojat Yazdan Panah
Staff contact: Emily Dicken, North Shore Emergency Management (NSEM)

Project  Description:

Students will review action areas of concepts of resilience to climate change  (built environment, social determinants, environment, and economic).The main questions are:

o What are the mechanisms and understanding of how to reduce risk and/or increase resilience?

o From applied municipal perspective, what does ‘building resilience’ look like in the short- (immediate), medium- (10 yrs), and long-term (30 years)?

o What actions do the municipalities need to take to get to enhance their work?

Each group will:

1: Review the frame works and strategies

2: Consider how they can be applied at a local level within the North Shore context

3. Provide some ideas on how to take large scale frameworks and strategies for how to bring them to life at a local level.