CityStudio North Vancouver Hosts Another Successful Idea Jam

Written by CityStudio Student Dahlia Vu.

Numerous project ideas exchanged among Idea Jam 2022 participants supports creativity and innovation for future work-integrated courses at Capilano University.

Last Thursday at 1 p.m, CityStudio hosted the fourth annual Idea Jam. This year, the virtual event delivered an incredibly collaborative brainstorming session with the participation of North Vancouver city staff, CityStudio partners, faculty members from Capilano University work-integrated programs, and Capilano University student representatives. 

Over 70 new ideas for future work-integrated courses were generated from the event. Focusing on the development of City of North Vancouver’s strategic goals, several suggestions were given on the topic of environment issues, accessibility, local businesses and public representation. The matter that received the most collaborative attention is the potential idea for a course partnership between marketing and global stewardship students on the preservation of trees/benefits of tree planting in the city, and the promotion/marketing of these benefits. This idea was proposed by Christel Lindgren from the City of North Vancouver.

“This year, we aimed to make Idea Jam the space for creativity and innovativity”, says Aderyn Davies, CityStudio Project Lead. “Our attendees brought forth new perspectives on how CityStudio projects have impacted students’ education and career prospects, and what can be done to expand their positive influence. We’re excited to put the ideas into motion and include them in our future projects.”

In the summer, CityStudio will be working on refining project ideas and adding them to the enhancement of Fall 2022 work-integrated courses at Capilano University. Future projects are expected to comprehend public communication strategies and community representation framework improvement. 

About CityStudio North Vancouver – CityStudio North Vancouver is an experimentation and innovation hub for Capilano University students and City of North Vancouver staff and partners to co-create projects for the city community. The purpose of this collaboration is to develop more ways to make North Vancouver a more sustainable, delightful, and inclusive city, while teaching students the skills needed to succeed in various career fields. 

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