Exploring the Shipyards

As the end of term draws near, our first CityStudio students are diving deeper into their projects and sparking some innovative ideas. To support this process, instructors and staff partners have arranged field trips into the city. We are thrilled to see this unfold, as inviting students out into the community can be an eye-opening and inspiring experience.

On October 31st 2019, students from Chris Carnovale’s TOUR 227 class were given a tour of the new Shipyards development. Magda Kwaterska, who works in Marketing & Programming for the City’s Shipyards & Waterfront team, and Terry Hood, from the North Vancouver Museum & Archives, generously took the time to give us a tour of the site. We learned about the history of one of the largest shipyards in British Columbia and the efforts made by the designers to conserve its industrial feel and historical landmarks. They shared about current and upcoming programming and infrastructure, such as the new skating rink that is currently being installed. Magda and Terry also explained some future goals that have yet to be met, such as bringing the shoreline to life, developing year-round programming, raising awareness about the shipyards history, and enhancing wayfinding around on the property. This experience will help inform the TOUR 227 students’ research and ideation around projects and events that could help bring the site to life.