BADM 335 + BADM 466: Diversity in Fire Department

Photo courtesy of City of North Vancouver

How might we create opportunities for diverse representation among Fire Department employees? 

Term: Spring 2021
Department: Business Administration
Course: BADM 466 (Managing Change) and BADM 335 (Workplace Learning, Development and Design) 
Instructor: Erin Robinson, Nancy Nowlan 
Staff contacts: Chief Greg Schalk (Fire Department), Corinne Nichols (City of North Vancouver) 

BADM 335 – Needs analysis + recruitment 

Student groups will conduct research and create videos that help inform the Fire Department (internally) on barriers, beliefs and experiences that may impede the participation of diverse populations in the recruitment process. To create these videos, students may interview people in the target demographics (e.g. young adults who did or did not choose a career in firefighting), subject matter experts, and existing firefighters (locally or at other detachments) to inform their work.  

BADM 466 – Policy + recommendations 
With help from the videos created by BADM 335 students, BADM 466 student groups will assess Fire Department systems, policies and processes. They will research and develop recommendations and strategies for the Fire Department to create opportunities for a more diverse workforce, as well as ways to prepare for this emotional and functional change within the organization. 

City Strategy and Goal Area:

  • Official Community Plan 2014
    • Goal 3.1: Enhance well-being and quality of life for all community members.
      • 3.1.1 Promote an inclusive environment, reduce barriers and support the growth and development of young people to be active, self-reliant and empowered members of the community;
      • 3.1.4 Support the pursuit of individual well-being and shared community needs, values and aspirations by community members from all ethno-cultural backgrounds, ages and abilities through equal access to City services and resources and by fostering inclusion;
  • Council Strategic Plan 2018
    • A City for People is welcoming, inclusive, safe, accessible and supports the health and well-being of all.