Student Sucess Story: CMNS 295 Students Featured in North Shore Daily Post

Written by CityStudio RA: Samantha Cheung

Left to Right: Samantha Cheung, Jaida Hiebert and Aylin Polo Calderon Photo Credit: Jaida Hiebert

This past week, CMNS 295 students Aylin Polo Calderon, Jaida Hiebert and our very own Research Assistant Samantha Cheung had the honour of being featured in the North Shore Daily Post for their project on the exhibit of Karen Magnussen in MONOVA.

As part of their CityStudio project, CMNS 295 students led by Grace Kim were to create a blog post, Instagram and TikTok on an exhibit at MONOVA. Aylin, Jaida and Samantha chose the Karen Magnussen exhibit as they were fans of figure skating and were intrigued by Magnussen’s story. Fast forward to last week, the three would not have thought it would be possible to have their blog post featured on a community platform.

“I’m just grateful to Grace, Aderyn, and Steven for the opportunity. It’s really exciting to have your work shared so I’m just so excited we got the opportunity and that it’s something people can read because I think Karen is a very important woman. I also want to congratulate my co-writers Aylin and Samantha as well!” – Jaida Hiebert

“It has been a long-term goal of mine to have my writing featured in a newspaper. I did not think this opportunity would come as such a surprise and sooner than I thought. Karen Magnussen’s story has been the sole inspiration for our project, and we had the privilege of working alongside Steven from MONOVA. Many thanks to our instructor Grace, Aderyn from CityStudio for giving us the fantastic opportunity to work with MONOVA. To my co-writers, it has been a pleasure working alongside you both. 

– Samantha Cheung

The love and recognition that this feature got is unbelievable. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity and hope that more good things come in the future”- Aylin Polo Calderon

Congratulations again to Aylin, Jaida and Samantha, your hard work does not go unnoticed.