First Class Visit

On September 13th 2019, Laurie Prange Martin’s Industrial Relations class (BADM 303) were joined by two visitors: Karen Pighin (Community Arts and Culture Animator and North Vancouver Recreation and Culture) and Adele Therias (CityStudio North Van Project Lead).

After hearing from Adele about the CityStudio model, the upcoming HUBBUB project showcase (save the date – December 5th at City Hall!), and the Alumni Network, students learned about Karen’s background and connection to their class project. Having worked in union, non-union, and mixed workplaces, Karen is interested in learning more about the methods and practices that could help managers encourage creativity in the workplace. The students will produce final reports and posters that will inform managers at institutions on ways to apply management frameworks for innovative and creative purposes. Learn more about the BADM 303 project here.

Karen Pighin, Community Arts and Culture Animator with North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission. Photo: Capilano University