BADM 305 7A/B: Community Wellbeing Strategy Goal Support

1.Opportunity Question: How can we best support the City’s goal to “Build a City of Short Distances” by developing the City of North Vancouver’s own version of the “15 MIN City”?

2.Opportunity Question: How can the City strategically reposition their social investments to support long-term success of leaders within the City and in community organizations??

Term: Fall 2021
Department: Business
Course: BADM 305 7 A/B
Instructor: Natasha Mrkic Subotic
Staff contact: Karen Montgomerie, Renee de St. Croix

Project  Description: The City of North Vancouver is currently in the engagement process with the community on their Community Wellbeing Strategy. The Wellbeing Strategy states four goals in order to achieve the City’s vision for today and the future of being A City where everyone belongs.

BADM 305 students have been tasked to explore how the City can best support two of the four goals through the two opportunity questions.

Wellbeing Strategy Goals:

Goal 1: Building a city of short distances

Goal 4. Repositioning social investments

City Strategy and Goal Area:

  • Council Strategic Plan
    • A City for People is welcoming, inclusive, safe, accessible and supports the health and well-being of all.
  • Official Community Plan 2014
    • Goal 1.1: Develop a compact, complete community that meets the needs of its diverse residents and businesses.
    • Goal 1.3: Enhance the distinctive sense of place and livability of the City through high quality design and maintenance of urban form.