LGBTQ2SA+ Community

Creating ways for the LGBTQ2SAINB+ communities to connect with the RCMP.

In order for the relationship between the RCMP and the LGBTQ2SA+ to strengthen, regular communication must be present. Ways for LGBTQ2SA+ voices to be heard is important for those outside of the community to understand what is going on within. This allows the RCMP to assist the community in areas that are needed most. This is important because it provides the LGBTQ2SA+ community with a way to inform others about what they may not get the opportunity to say otherwise.

The Team

Students: Ian Lau, Carmen Taylor and Mackenzie Smith.
Instructor: Sarah Yercich
Partners: Sergeant Peri Mainwaring, Corporal Zaheer Abdulla, Constable Jaspreet Chohan (North Vancouver RCMP)
Course code: CRIM 202