Opportunity Question:

How can we excite and engage the community in Urban Repurposes’ Re-purpose event in Spring 2023 by using interesting and exciting ideas on how to upcycle and reuse materials?

Term: FALL 2022
Department: School of Communications
Course: CMNS 405 – Advanced Communication for International Learners
Instructor: Alaa Al-Musalli
Staff contact: Tom Riessner Executive Director, Urban Repurpose and Annie Dempster, City of North Vancouver

Project  Description:

Urban RePurpose is planning an event in Spring 2023 to engage the public on the benefits of re-using materials. Students will generate working on a public awareness campaign for an event that Urban Repurpose is hosting in Spring 2023 on the benefits of sustainability and the re-use of materials, especially useable wood from demolished homes and buildings. 

The event will include information booths, artists and vendors as well as an art competition.