CMNS 295: NVRCMP Community Engagement

Opportunity Question:

How can we showcase North Vancouver RCMP community engagement through the development of a visual communications inventory that is reflective of the North Shore and appealing to a younger demographic.

Term: Summer 2023 

Department: Communications

Instructor: Grace Kim 

Staff Contact: North Vancouver RCMP Constable Mansoor Sahak – Media Relations Officer Joshua Kilner – Communications Strategist

Project Description:

Students were invited to produce and create a series of stock photos and social media posts showcasing members of the North Vancouver RCMP throughout various locations on the North Shore. The photo collection is intended to be used for communications materials and social media (Facebook and Twitter) accounts.

Students participated in three location-specific photo shoots and met with members of the NVRCMP to discuss their work, and career paths.

City of North Vancouver Council and Community Plan Goals 

Goal 3.1: Enhance well-being and quality of life for all community members.

City Council Priorities 

Community Plan Goal: A City for People