Opportunity Question:

By developing a brand audit, how can we best support the City of North Vancouver in creating their new wayfinding strategy and direction?

Term: Spring 2022
Department: Business Marketing
Course: BKMT 316
Instructor: Natasha Mrkic Subotic
Staff contact: Blair Underhill and Crystal Lindgren, City of North Vancouver

Project  Description:

The City has identified a project opportunity, while supporting the vision and priorities, along with transportation objectives, to develop and implement a comprehensive wayfinding solution. CNV currently has some wayfinding structures along the Green Necklace and along the Spirit Trail. While these provide value in these specific locations, wayfinding does not highlight the vast cultural, mobility and public realm amenities that exist within the city.

Prior to implementing wayfinding infrastructure, CNV needs strategy and direction to ensure that we are making the best decisions now, and in the future. The wayfinding strategy will need to include optimal locations for wayfinding infrastructure, what information should be included, understanding user needs from a wayfinding system, and other essential features to ensure a seamless outcome is delivered through future steps in this process.

Students are responsible for creating a brand audit on current wayfinding strategy, identifying, and developing foundational recommendations that can be incorporated into a wayfinding strategy in years to come.