How can different management frameworks be applied to foster creativity in a workplace with union and non-union workers?

Term: Fall 2019
Department: Business School
Course: BADM 303 Industrial Relations
Instructor: Laurie Prange Martin
Staff contact: Karen Pighin (North Vancouver Recreation and Culture)

Often it can be challenging to encourage creativity and innovation in complex work environments. Students will create or select a mixed union and non-union workplace and develop a management plan that applies a specific management framework to enhance creativity in the workplace. This project will generate creativity-enhancing ideas that can be used by managers in North Vancouver Recreation and Culture, the City of North Vancouver, and other institutions.

Project Showcased at HUBBUB #1

NOVA Program
Inspired by the 20% time model, the Nova Program is a personalized and dedicated program for employees to work towards their passion of choice over a period of time. We introduce this program in an effort to inspire creativity and charge intrinsic motivation. We seek to encourage employees to expand their horizons, question the way things have always been done, and unleash the creative blockages that come from routine.
Team: Anahita Barryman, Elnaz Khanverdi, Nick Barnes, Angelica Uy