How might we prepare residents to welcome and use a new equipment lending library (the Thingery)?

Term: Spring 2020
Department: Business School
Course: Managing Change (BADM 466)
Instructor: Erin Robinson
Staff contact: Julia Spitale (City of North Vancouver)
Community Partner: Chris Diplock (The Thingery)

A “Thingery” is a self-serve equipment lending library that is based out of a modified shipping container.  The inventory is determined by community need, but could include items like sporting equipment, wood working tools, event & entertainment items or even musical instruments. The City of North Vancouver is researching the hypothetical installation of a “Thingery” in the Lower Lonsdale of North Vancouver.  The students will research and propose a “Change Strategy” that will prepare the community to adapt to a new physical item – a modified shipping container – in the neighbourhood (a structural change) and to be emotionally ready to use the concept – an equipment lending library (transitional change).

Project showcased at HUBBUB #2

Thingery Change Strategy
To assist with The Thingery’s transition to their new location in Lower Lonsdale, we were tasked to apply models studied in our Managing Change course and brainstorm innovative ways of executing these strategies.

Team members:
Anita Barryman – 4th year, International Business & HR.
Michelle Chang – 3rd year, Bachelor of Business Administration – HR concentration.
Nick Barnes – 4th year, Bachelor of Business Administration.
Majed Diab – 4th year, Bachelor of Business Administration – Business & HR.
Jon Maciver – 4th year, Bachelor of Business Administration – HR concentration.