These questions were generated by staff from the City of North Vancouver, North Vancouver Recreation and Culture, and the RCMP. Are you a faculty member at CapU who would like to explore one of these ideas with your class? Please contact Adele at or complete this contact form. Matchmaking is currently taking place for the Fall 2020 term – don’t wait to indicate your interest!

Where indicated, the projects have been explored by a CapU course. Click on the link for more details. Ideas may be explored from a variety of perspectives and can be revisited by different classes over time.

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How can financial plans be translated into being more resident friendly?
How can the city and other civic or non-profit organizations
share data among agencies and the community? 
How can we create an effective municipal sponsorship policy for corporate sponsors?
How can we communicate bylaw regulations in an engaging way that inspires compliance
and is not entirely focused on the punitive measures?
BADM 202
How can we increase high level engagement from teachers/educators and preschool to
university-aged students in our community-based program “School the City”
(designed to foster civic engagement in youth from an early age)?
How can the city engage the community on a more proactive basis where citizens
feel they have had a say in local government decision-making and gain a sense of belonging?
How can the city engage with more people? PADM 309
How do you bring awareness to community programs? Different ages and methods?  
How can we better engage youth in program development for youth (13-18) in
our community centres to build greater interest?
BADM 460


Can we create a food hub to enhance sharing of food and reduction of food waste?
What are some creative ideas for food production/urban + community gardening?
How can we increase and understanding of health effects of vaping?
How can we reduce the amount of cigarette butts/litter? 
How can we protect and reduce the risk of injury from needles for city staff?
How can we reduce distracted walking?
How can we make people aware of safety issues on multi-use trails?  
How do we create awareness on citizens’ roles in preventing auto and property crimes?IDES 344
How do we encourage experiences for residents and visitors alike,
particularly in the outdoors while keeping ecosystems intact?
How do we move away from congestion and further advance the Green
Necklace as a safe route for children and youth to get around the City/to school independently?


How can we connect generations to build understanding and decrease fear? PSYC 335
How can we reduce social isolation in the city?
What can we do to and how do we help people feel more connected and less lonely in North Vancouver?
How can we better reach vulnerable residents and connect them to recreation and culture services
– e.g. socially isolated, newcomers, homeless?
SOC 340
What elements would you include in park and school playgrounds to encourage
intergenerational play, connection and inclusion?


Who is the library serving? Who are we missing?
What are the early literacy needs in our community?
How could library improve our programs and services to meet these needs?
How can we address/identify barriers to transgender individuals in our community
and develop policy to address these barriers so they can feel welcome in accessing rec and culture services?
What are some innovative ways to enhance awareness and capacity for a dementia friendly city?  
What are the gaps/needs for seniors services on the North Shore?  
How can we make streets more accessible?
What are the barriers preventing people from access library services?


How is the library (physical space) being used? 
How can we better understand how community uses/feels/envisions their public space(s)? 
How can we create an effective parklet program in the CNV? BADM 466
How can we engage the community in the activation of public spaces? BADM 466
What could be included in a community placemaking resource book? E.g. design guidelines, etc.
What considerations should be taken into account in creating a CNV placemaking policy? 
How do we improve public spaces in the City for youth to foster a stronger sense of place and connection?
How can we better utilize/enliven Civic Plaza for youth? 
How can we uncover un- or under-utilized spaces to create engaging opportunities that bring people together?
How can we further animate our civic plaza? 
What can we do with the St. Davids Avenue ‘orphan’ lots?
NOTE: The St. David’s Greenway project will start in 2019 and will incorporate these lots.
There is a project budget for planning at this time.
This is an opportunity for student to help out with an active project.
How can we address reconciliation in ‘public space’? AHIS 330
How do we build community connection from Lonsdale high street to low street?
Return on investment models for public infrastructure spending such as sidewalks,
cycling paths, parks, placemaking/parklets – e.g. community and health outcomes. 


What is the history of public spaces of the North Shore from a pre-colonial perspective?
What are the significant places and stories to our local indigenous peoples (including language)?
How do we create a partnership-based tourism marketing strategy in the waterfront/shipyards district?
What is the program for the shipyards?  TOUR 227
How do we encourage creativity among civic staff when processes and policy and politics can work against this? BADM 303
How can we re”vision” the Presentation House site?