Behind the scenes at HUBBUB #4: Jon’s experience

The CityStudio North Vancouver HUBBUB Showcase happens at the end of each term. What does it take to make this exciting event run smoothly? Jonathan Coulthard, CityStudio Research Assistant and Alum, shared a bit about his role behind the scenes at HUBBUB 4, on April 29 2021.

HUBBUB is always an amazing event, where Capilano University students are able to share their Work Integrated Learning (WIL) projects, that they had been completing over the course of the previous semester, with North Vancouver community stakeholders and representatives. As a research assistant, I was tasked with supporting five groups with an technical difficulties, challenges, questions, etc., that they may have had during the course of the event. An added benefit was the interaction with these students, viewing their project brochure and project clip, and learning more about the great initiatives that had taken place that will hopefully be either implemented or built upon in the future.

As a student, one of my best memories and greatest academic opportunities at Capilano University was when I had taken part with HUBBUB and worked with CityStudio during the Fall of 2020, researching and presenting my findings on the Alcohol and Public Spaces Bylaw during the Summer and Fall of 2020. Being able to assist, see, and talk to students that went through a similar learning experience was an amazing opportunity.

As an assistant, I came on at 9:15 to assist Adele in anyway that I could. From 9:30-10:00 I circulated through my assigned groups, offering technical support and building energy. From 10:15-11:25, which was when community stakeholders had the opportunity to meet the students and ask questions on their research, I continued to circulate the groups, supporting them if they needed it while they fielded questions and presented their findings to any community member that entered their meeting room. From 11:25-11:45, which was just before the awards and when the community voted on the top three projects, I provided technical assistance for the panelists, ensured that they were admitted to the room, and ‘spotlighted’ them so that they could easily be identified. From 11:45-12:00pm, which was the final wrap-up and award ceremony, I assisted with Spotlighting, muting unnecessary chatter, and posting congratulatory speech in the chat.

Overall, HUBBUB is an incredible event for anyone who partakes, where community members, university faculty, students, and city representatives get the opportunity to see how Work Integrated Learning can be beneficial for students, businesses, and the city that they live in.

Check out the HUBBUB 4 Launch video and pitches by visiting our IGTV or Kaltura channel.
See you at HUBBUB 5 in December 2021! Learn more about Jonathan’s past CityStudio project here.