HUBBUB #3: A celebratory end to 2020

It is an average Thursday morning and you are working from your home office. You just sat down with your cup of coffee when you receive an email reminder: HUBBUB is today! Intrigued, you click on the link and login to the showcase platform. You arrive in the virtual lobby, where you are instructed on how to explore the features of the showcase.

At 10AM, a volunteer invites you to watch the HUBBUB Launch session, a pre-recorded video created by CapU’s Marketing and Digital Experience team. During this session, Adele Therias, the CityStudio North Vancouver Project Lead, describes some of the ways in which the initiative has adapted to remote learning. Mayor Linda Buchanan explains how the collaborations have contributed to addressing current challenges. Capilano President Paul Dangerfield emphasizes the importance of innovation and creativity in these unusual times.

A quick glance tells you that over 90 people are currently watching alongside you, and a stream of comments is popping up as attendees share their excitement. You recognize many names, and send a private message to a colleague that usually works right next to you at the office. It had been a while!

Throughout the rest of the video, you hear from each of the CityStudio staff partners about the challenge or opportunity they presented to students at the beginning of term. They explain the context that informed the student projects and describe the goals of each collaboration. Screenshots and recordings from CityStudio presentations, dialogues and virtual fieldtrips allow you to observe how the initiative continued to foster meaningful collaboration between students, partners and instructors. At the end of the session, you are invited to explore the showcase to discover the ideas that students developed in response to these opportunities.

You visit the “Showcase” page where you scroll through a diverse array of projects. At each booth, you can watch a 1-minute pre-recorded pitch that summarizes the students’ work, view their final deliverables, and share comments and questions in the live chat. Students invite you to join their Zoom video call, where you can connect face to face. One group of students shows you the 3D model of their design, and you are amazed to see their ideas come to life! As you leave the video call, you click the “Vote now” button in support of your favourite projects.

Inspired by all these new ideas, you start to imagine how some of your own work might benefit from student insight and creativity. Luckily, there is an “Inspiration Station” set up for you to capture them. You write several thoughts on virtual sticky notes and add them to the shared board. You can see the cursors of other contributors moving as they add their own ideas, and you send a message to one attendee whose work sounds fascinating.

At 11:45 AM, a volunteer reminds you to join the HUBBUB Wrap-Up Session. In real-time, you meet the Panel of Judges:

  • Chris Carnovale
    Tourism Instructor, Capilano University
  • Brad Baker
    North Vancouver School District Principal
  • Lisa Stirling
    Community & Partner Relations Specialist
    City of North Vancouver

Each of these key community leaders announces one winning project from the showcase, and Aurelea Mahood, Director of Academic Initiatives and Planning, reveals the Audience Choice Award winner. Attendees share emoticons and comments to congratulate the students on their achievements. Laureen Styles, Capilano University VP Academic and Provost, wraps up the session by sharing some closing remarks. Excitingly, she announces the signing of a three-year Memorandum of Understanding between the City and the University and the continuation of the CityStudio North Vancouver initiative. You leave feeling inspired and a little more connected to your community.

Congratulations to the winning teams!

First Place

Alcohol in Public Spaces Research

Second Place

Mobile Detox Unit

Third Place
& Audience Choice


Students: Laura Choo, Jon Coulthard and Iggy Lao
Faculty: Francisco Nogueira [Tourism 440]
Partner: Paul Duffy (City of North Vancouver)

Students: Cody Steeple, Liam Stock, Valentina Ripanu
Faculty: Laurie Prange [Business Administration 460]
Partner: Peri Mainwaring (North Vancouver RCMP)

Students: Connor Johst, Taylor Hillier, Duncan Ford
Faculty: Banda Logawa  [Applied Science 140]
Partners: Mikale Fenton and Wai-Lin Chee (North Vancouver City Library)

Thank you to over 160 participants for making HUBBUB #3 a success! See you in 2021 for HUBBUB #4!
All participants will continue to have access to the HUBBUB online portal until the next event. If you would like to request access to explore the projects and watch the sessions, please contact