How can we communicate bylaw regulations in an engaging way that inspires compliance and is not entirely focused on the punitive measures?

Term: Fall 2019
Department: Business School
Course: BADM 202 People Management
Instructor: Laurie Prange Martin
Staff contact: Paul Duffy (City of North Vancouver)

Municipal bylaws often get a bad rep. The primary objective of the project is to prototype ways to educate the public on the background and importance of specific by-laws (related to noise, dogs, drinking water, litter and others identified by our staff contact) to encourage voluntary compliance and a deeper appreciation for municipal by-laws.

Students are working in teams to develop creative ways of educating
the public about their selected bylaw.

Hubbub Representatives

These two project groups were invited to showcase their work at Hubbub #1 at North Vancouver City Hall, on December 5th 2019

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